How Online Reviews Can Get You More Clients

As a business owner, you’re always looking for new and effective ways to improve your marketing and bring in more customers. But one tactic that many businesses fail to make use of is online reviews of their products and services, and that’s a mistake. Online reviews can be one of your most effective marketing tools, increasing lead generation and product sales. And positive customer reviews can also help your website’s local SEO efforts. Let’s explore just what enabling your sites to allow online reviews can do for you.

Reviews Are Free Advertising

Every time a customer posts a review on your site, it’s a form of free advertising for your business, exposing your company name, products, and services to your readers, increasing brand awareness, telling them who you are and what your business does. Online reviews work for many different types of businesses, more than some other types of media do, including many SMB’s. They can give you the type of exposure, free of cost, that you simply might not be able to afford through other marketing channels.

They Improve Your Local Search Engine Rankings

As part of their search algorithm, Google takes note of how often your company name shows up in reviews. The more often it’s mentioned, the more likely your site will rank higher in search results for your particular type of business. It really can make a big difference, and your customers do the work.

It Helps You Build Credibility And Trust

  • There’s hardly a better way to build customer trust in your products and services than online reviews. A 2009 survey conducted by Nielsen media research firm found after surveying more than 25,000 consumers from 50 nations, that over 70% reported that they had a high amount of trust in online reviews, and a majority reported that they regularly consult them before deciding to buy from a business. Every review, good or bad, makes an impact. Obviously, if people only read negative reviews, they’re going to form a negative impression of your business. Therefore you want to make sure you have more positive reviews online to be found.
  • Converting customers is 82% more likely when you have online reviews available. That’s because they’re getting the kind of information they need to decide to buy, from people just like them, and that builds trust and confidence. Plus, if you the owner take the time to respond to reviews, with thanks for positive ones and explanations for bad ones, it convinces potential customers that you really care about them and their business. 41% of people said this on the survey.
  • Positive reviews are important. If you are, say, a divorce attorney, and you have two negative reviews, and your competition has 20 good reviews, who are potential clients more likely to call? It’s a no-brainer.

How To Generate Positive Online Reviews

Getting those great reviews is easier than you might think. YouReview is a tool to help you with your reputation management online. It’s a highly customizable tool that allows you to monitor online reviews and manage them by generating positive reviews and deferring the negative ones.

YouReview gives you an easy way to remind your customers to leave reviews on all the sites you use. It also lets you conduct automated review campaigns, tracks your reviews and alerts, and automatically publish good reviews to your website and social media feeds.

Find out more about how YouReview works by here. You’ll be glad you did!

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