Infographic: 10 Reasons Your Business Needs Online Reviews

People are Talking about Your Business Whether You Like It or Not

In this digital age, the sort of reviews a business gets majorly determines business success. Websites such as TripAdvisor, Yelp, Google, and Facebook are vital review sources, and businesses can leverage on them to get some good reviews under their belt.

According to research conducted by TripAdvisor, more than 96% of vacationers always consider reading online reviews when planning for trips or booking hotels. The research further asserts that more than 50% will not book any destination with no reviews. This study can be mirrored in any other industry with precision. Today, dozens of people are placing their trust on reviews, and are now relying on them to make purchase decisions. With 90% of prospects using online reviews, it’s enough proof that they can make or break your business.

YouReview has developed a tracking and alert system, functional in more than 155 different sites, that allows businesses to monitor, manage, and grow their business online by generating 5-star reviews and deferring negative reviews. Our methods are so fast and seamless, that your customers leave reviews without feeling bothered.

Reviews Influence Purchasing Decisions

Unlike traditional advertising, online reviews are authentic, and largely unbiased, thus allowing clients to say what they think about your firm. According to BrightLocal, 2014, more than 92% of potential clients will shy doing business with a firm with a rating of less than four out of five stars.

Additionally, MOZ, suggests that your business stands a chance of losing 22% of business when potential clients find a negative result about your business on the first page of your search results. A negative review brings your business’s average rating down, thus planting a seed of doubt in the potential customer’s mind, which ultimately leads to the loss of revenue.

The bottom-line is that a negative online reputation leads to the loss of revenue, and if the review shows up on the first page of the search results, clients may even stop showing interests to your business and move to a competitor.

YouReview provides a reporting section that displays ROI, accompanied by aesthetically structure monthly reports that display the reputational improvements of your business in conjunction with actionable steps.

Reviews Boost SEO Ranking

Webmasters keep on changing the search engine’s ranking algorithm, and there seems to be an increased focus towards content, uniqueness, mobile friendliness and social sharing. According to Search Engine Watch, it’s estimated that online reviews account for more than a tenth of the ranking algorithm, and hence cannot be ignored during search engine optimization, particularly if a firm can benefit from the reviews. YouReview features an easy to use widget that allows your business to publish reviews to your social media profiles in an SEO friendly format.

Reviews Establish Relationships with Customers

The key to superb reviews is not just hoping that a client will wow you with a five star, it’s developing a mutual relationship with them that leaves them excited to support your business. While consistently asking for reviews might seem a little bit pushy, ensuring that you make the clients understand that their reviews matter a lot to you, will motivate the client to let the world know more about you.

YouReview customizes the interaction with potential clients, thus allowing you to address a client directly.

Reviews Provide Better Products and Services

Reviews are like a measure of your business performance. While the positive reviews indicate excellent performance, negative reviews can just push your business needs to overhaul your return policy, or invest more in training your receptionist or waiter.

YouReview has a reporting segment to show ROI with the monthly report that displays reputational improvements.

Reviews are Free Referrals

Mastering the art of “word-of-mouth” is the easiest and most effective way that results into a viral reach. Brand marketers can leverage the power of reviews to widen the circle of trust, by engaging clients to amplify their messages and giving them a reason to talk. According to Ogilvy Cannes Study, more than 74 of the potential clients identify word-of-mouth as their key influencer in their purchasing decision.

YouReview has an uncluttered and well laid out format that provides an unobtrusive platform of asking clients to make a review of your business.

Reviews Provide Social Proof

The Trust Factor, a study conducted in 2013, suggests that reviews have trustworthiness and swaying factor. Additionally, the study indicates that more than half of the respondents agree to the fact that reviews are the best peer-to-peer contribution of trust, and reviews inspire as twice as the general social media networking.

YouReview has a widget that provides a platform for sharing your reviews on the social media profile.

Free Advertisement

Reviews provide an excellent form of free, and effective way of establishing your presence on the Internet. Every time a client posts a review on your site, it exposes your brand and drives traffic to your site.

YouReview provides firms with an easy way of managing their reviews, thus allowing them to amplify a positive cue and address the negative issues.


What the reviews say about your firm determines whether your business stands a chance or not. This is why it’s always important to monitor reviews. The more recent and relevant your reviews are, the better your business will seem to potential clients.

YouReview is a DIY tool that monitors brand mentions over sites and gives information on the views towards your brand. The tool uses a basic approach method; it sends ask for reviews from clients. All the positive reviews are taken and later transferred to your website. In the case of a negative review, the YouReview software takes them to a screen where you can resolve and settle the matter behind closed doors, thus preventing them from painting a bad picture about your site.

Getting Reviews

Every online brand that relies on local traffic has to deal with reviews. Compared to other marketing strategies, reviews are seen and read by a massive audience. One effective method of increasing the number of reviews to your site is by asking the clients to review your brand. You don’t have to wait for them to make a review, be proactive, and ask for feedback.

Check out YouReview and discover the power of online reviews.

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