How to Get 5-Star Reviews

Most everyone knows the importance of customer reviews. Shared client feedback will have a direct impact on your bottom-line. Reviews carry the power to offer validation on your products or services before buyers pull the trigger and make a first-time purchase. Along with your responsibility of providing an amazing customer experience, you can use tools like YouReview to help get those five-star reviews you need to skyrocket your business.

Getting Noticed

Startups will especially struggle to get those early reviews. If you want to hit the ground running, you want positive word of mouth. As amazing as your products or services may be, your business can struggle until the reviews start coming in. Customers are wary of putting their trust in a company who doesn’t have customer experiences tied to their services or products.

After a product or service is provided, your job doesn’t end there. The fortune is in the follow-up. Reach out to your customers to ask them about their experience and request they leave a review. Review requests can be made in person or via text or email. However, if you want to help automate review requests, you will benefit from a tool like YouReview. This saves you precious time during the follow-up process.

Post-Review Steps to Success

Take the time to thank the reviewer for his or her feedback. If the review is negative, never respond negatively in turn. Going on the defensive is detrimental to the reputation of your company. Tips to resolve issues with customers are:

  • Respond directly to the review and ask the customer to contact you for assistance with the matter. Provide an email or phone number as a tactic to move the conversation offline.
  • Work with the customer to resolve his or her issue. Present reasonable solutions while keeping in mind the importance of positive customer experiences.
  • Take action based on the resolution. If the issue is resolved, politely request he or she update the review. If the issue can’t be resolved, don’t feel discouraged. Future customers who view your response to the negative feedback will appreciate your service-oriented attitude.

Getting five-star reviews on your own is daunting. This is why many companies find the services provided by YouReview invaluable. Through an automated process, YouReview collects and posts customer reviews online. The tool also discourages negative feedback. If a customer reports a positive experience, a request is made to leave a review. If the customer states he or she did not have a good experience, feedback is sent privately via email to the company.

YouReview is dedicated to helping you promote positive customer experiences. As five-star reviews are generated, your online reputation will improve, and your customer base will expand.

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