Encouraging Reviews from Senior Citizens

The up and coming demographic on social media is, drum roll please . . . senior citizens! That’s right, as an ideal way to connect with friends and family, far and wide, those 65 years and older are 39 million strong on social media sites like Facebook, Skype, and Twitter with the 74+ age group leading the pack as the fastest growing demographic on these social sites. But it doesn’t end there; US seniors are also growing users of email, Google, and YouTube. Encouraging reviews from senior citizens will prove to be invaluable to attract more like-minded customers. But, the fact of the matter is that if you want reviews from aging adults, you are going to have to meet them where they are technological.

Get Ready for Baby Boomer Retirees

Baby Boomers make up 26% of the total population in the US. In fact today approximately 10,000 Baby Boomers turned 65 – happy birthday, Boomer! With an estimated 10,000 Baby Boomers entering retirement age every day from 2011 until 2031, online marketing in all forms will be greatly influenced by this incredible generation. With these enlightening statistics from Pew Research, we can be certain that the online connectivity for older adults in the baby boomer generation will provide relevant reviews that will carry great influence for others, across the generations.

Provide Seniors With an Experience That is Easy to Navigate

According to Pew Research, 34% of seniors say they have little to no confidence in their ability to perform online tasks on electronic devices. But, up to 87% of seniors and Boomers who are 65+ regularly use email. When asking your senior customers to leave a review, email is the way to go. Keep in mind that from start to finish, an experience that is easily accessible and easy to follow through with is essential. A customized email with easy instructions for usability and large font is the ideal way to get valuable customer reviews from your valuable senior customers.

Customize Your Review Request Email for Seniors

YouReview Online Reputation Management offers a fully automated process to request, gather and publish customer reviews and star ratings. Customizable features will allow you to address different demographics for the best results possible. The first issue to tackle will be your email subject line; timing will play a big role here, try to reach out the same day with your company name in the subject line to instantly grab their attention. It is a good idea to remember that seniors and Baby Boomers place great value on honesty and being upfront, keep your request concise and be sure to keep it short and sweet. Take a look at the following email example, customized for YouReview:


Hi Martin,

Thank you for choosing Fat Cat Design. We would like to ask if you would take a few minutes to leave us an online review?

The link below makes it easy:

Click Here to Write a Review

Or copy and paste this address in your online browser: https://www.youreview.us/fatcatdesign/.

We honestly appreciate your support and your feedback will let others know about your experience with us. Thank you for your time today and thank you for your business.

Jamie Ross


(603) 496-2890


Leveraging Valuable Senior Reviews

From the Greatest Generation to the Baby Boomers, we often turn to our elders for wisdom and advice in person, now a written testimony about your products or services can have immense reach through online reviews. YouReview is proud to offer an affordable and easy to use the dashboard to help build and maintain your online reputation. Features include:

  • Unlimited Review Source Tracking
  • Review Invitations for Text (SMS) & Email
  • User-Friendly Customized Landing Page
  • Auto-Publishing to Your Website
  • Auto-Sharing for All of Your Social Media Accounts
  • Daily Monitoring
  • New Review Notification
  • Review Response Workflow Tool
  • Easily Import Customer Lists
  • On-Location Kiosk Mode
  • Custom Reporting
  • Click Here to Learn More

Monitor, Manage & Grow Your Business Online

The current need to meet seniors who have not, and probably will not fully adopt a tech lifestyle will evolve with the emersion of tech-savvy Baby Boomers, as they continue to enter retirement age. While senior endorsements for your business through online reviews and star ratings can earn new customers now, the influence of senior citizen reviews is inevitably creating an online marketing trend, with vast potential, that cannot be ignored. If aging adults are a part of your target audience, you need to meet your customers where they are now to encourage reviews from senior customers. What are you waiting for? Contact us to schedule a demo of our YouReview reputation management dashboard to show you how we can help you leverage valuable senior customer ratings and reviews to improve your online reputation and increase your bottom-line.

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